The newly established “Naaval” on the coast of the Navaladi water front in Batticaloa was incarnated on the 24th of November 2014 with a prime purpose of giving an unique experience to those looking for a getaway with luxury, sophistication and comfort on the commercially untouched eastern lands of Sri Lanka

Located perfectly around 4 Km from the Baticoloa city centre, Naaval is in touching distance from local tourists sites such as the old Portuguese fort, the light house and various Hindu kovils and catholic churches while ensuring that it is far enough from the hustle and bustle any of these sites could bring in.

As primarily untouched commercially and just 250 metres away from soft white sandy beaches filled with lush green casuarina trees, Naaval encourages its guests to indulge in its natural surroundings and wild life while enjoying the hotel’s luxurious facilities. With the eco park just a boat ride away, guests will be able to witness various migrating species of birds, dive to see the 2nd world war aircraft career HMS Hermes sunk by the Japanese bombers and take a trip on the calm Kallady lagoon, famous for the singing fish. And if the guest just wants to have a quiet day in the room, he/she could by enjoying its Jacuzzi and the 24 hour room service comprising of Western, Eastern and Authentic Sri Lankan Menu.